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Schallschlucker sees itself as an agency for creation of web technology based media. These days "web technologies" are no longer used on the Internet only. Technologies like Adobe/Macromedia Flash, XML, Java, PHP and HTML where developed intended to be used on the world wide web, but more and more become also relevant for client side only or client-server applications outside of a web browser and without the need to be connected to the Internet all the time.

CD-Rom applications, point of sale applications like kiosk systems in showrooms, pda and mobile phone applications are just a view examples of where web technology is used for the reason of fast and cost efficient development and platform independence.

No matter if you need Adobe/Macromedia Flash applications (banners, games, client side applications), static or cms based intranet-, extranet and Internet-applications, point of sale applicationsmobile services, micro-sites or complete company websites: we can assist you with years of experience to get your plans realized as quick as possible with the quality of service you expect.

Don't hesitate, get a free estimate today by using our form or send us an email to info[at]schallschlucker.de

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