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Adobe/Macromedia Flash modules and code snippets

Introducing ActionScript 2.0 with Macromedia Flash MX 2004, Adobe/Macromedia finaly made Flash the tool of your choice when it comes to rapid clientside web application development.

OOP in ActionScript 2.0, socket connections and WebService Connectors are just a smal choice of the new features made possible with this new version of Flash.

at this place we offer useful code snippets, ActionScript 2.0 class libraries and neat little flash modules to make your flash application development easier and faster.

these modules are available for free download:


MovieClip scrollpane

an easy to use (just 2 lines of AS) module written 100% in ActionScript 2.0 which lets your crate a wrapper around any movieclip to make it scrollable. Works with MovieClips created in the authoring environment as well as externaly loaded MCs and images


XMLMenu is a little module which draws a mulit-level navigation bar using a simple XML-file as input. Each menu entry can be formated individualy and linked to either a url or actionscript command


many hours of unpaid work are spent to develop and maintain our free components therefore please consider the following:
If you like our modules and we saved you some time developing them on your own, we would be glad if you'd decide to donate a few bucks, showing us that our work is appreciated.

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