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PHP Class Generator Plug-In for Eclipse

the PHP Class Generator Plug-In for Eclipse is a little, but mighty helper when it comes to creating new dynamic, PHP based, database driven webappliactions.

Given an existing database Layout in one of the supported Datbases (MySQL so far), the PHP Class Generator is able to create data access objects for each database in the provided database schema. Each DAO will have getters and setters for each tablefield as well as load / save / delete / update methods for each object type.

Creating PHP classes for an existing database Layout is always a big pain in the back, it consist of doing the same task over and over again for each database table with lots of typing standard code and a potential risk of typos or forgetting one or another database field.
Using the PHP Class Generator a PHP developer using Eclipse as IDE will be able to generate the whole data access API for a given database Layout with just some mouse clicks in no time, saving a lot of work to setup a new project. After generating the DAO the developer can instanlty start working with the generated Objects and focus on developing the user interfaces.

To install the Plugin use this URL in the Plugin Manager:

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